Bolts and Nuts Buying Guide – Few Things You Need To Know

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Bolts, nuts and washers are very important tools to connect surfaces and provide a connection. All three of them have their own importance and purpose. When you want to buy these tools, you must have complete knowledge about them so you can make a correct choice.


Bolts have a head that is used for tightening the bolt and a thread on which the nuts and washers are placed. Bolts come with different types of head shape. You will have to see which one fits your requirement. The different type of bolts that you can choose from is:

  • Carriage Bolt
  • Masonry Bolt
  • Toggle Bolt
  • Machine Bolt
  • Lag Bolt
  • Stove Bolt
  • Expansion Bolt

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At the end of bolt’s shank, nuts are screwed on the threads. You can tight a bolt with a screwdriver, wrench or socket. The bolt can be tightened by a trench and secure it by holding it tight in a single position. Some of the common nuts that you can choose from are:

  • Acorn Nut
  • Hexagon Nut
  • Wing Nut
  • Lock Nut
  • Weld Nut
  • Square Nut

You can go for a hex nut when you want to just fasten or tighten your bolt. When the nut is exposed to many vibrations, you will have to use lock nut.


Washers have a different purpose compared to nuts and bolts. They are used to tighten the bolt and to protect the surface of fastened items. There are a wide range of varieties available in washers like:

  • Plain Washer
  • Locking Washer
  • Spring Washer

Storage for Nuts, Bolts and Washer

There are a lot of hardware storage choices to store your tools. You can easily and properly store your nuts and bolts in storage bins, cases or cabinets.

After you have decided that which type of nuts, bolts and washers you want, it is time for you to buy them. You can buy bolts, nuts and washers easily from the internet. Many websites also offer discounts if you purchase these things in bulk. Before making a purchase you should make sure that the seller is reliable and sell genuine and high quality products.

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