Common Safety Mistakes for Motorhome Journeys

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When travelling for a long period of time in your motorhome, it is important to take the time to ensure safety is being used before even leaving the forecourt of the motorhome provider. There are several mistakes that drivers and passengers of a new or used motorhome are inclined to repeat due to being introduced to a different vehicle from what they would normally use on a regular basis. To prevent any risk or element of danger to the vehicle and its passengers whilst out on the open road, be aware of the following common safety mistakes for long haul journeys.

Never Getting a Tune Up

One of the easiest mistakes to avoid when taking a long haul trip in Australia is to ensure that you have a tune up before leaving. The number of those who do not do this is outstanding, and in the end, they may be the ones who are broke down on the side of the road with no idea that there was a major problem with their motorhome before leaving. Take the time to have this done to ensure you are safe.

Tire Pressure Issues

Though this is included with a tune up, it is such a common mistake that it warrants another mention. Under inflated tyres can lead to blow outs with the weight of the motorhome. This can in turn lead to the motorhome turning over. And if going at a high speed, this can lead to a major accident.

 The Emergency Roadside Kit

The number of motorhome owners who break down while on their trip and have no emergency roadside kit is incredibly high. Many people make the mistake of thinking that this kit will never be used, and one can hope for this. However, these kits need to be found in the motorhome in the event that they are needed to ensure the safety of all of those onboard.

Not Knowing your Motorhome Specifications

There have been a number of accidents throughout Australia and in other parts of the world that could have been prevented if people would have paid more attention to the dimensions of their motorhome. For example, some bridges are only equipped to handle certain weight limits, while other times the culprit for an accident can be a low hanging overhead. Either way, know the dimensions and weight of the motorhome for safer travelling.

Double Check Before Leaving

Many motorhomes these days come with extras, such as sides that expand to give more room inside the motorhome and so forth. These types of extras have to be in their proper place before takeoff. Many accidents on long hauls are due to the people forgetting about their own checks before driving off. This can lead to damage that would be very expensive to correct.

The information in this article was supplied on behalf of Sydney RV Group, a specialist provider of new and used motorhome vehicles in Australia.


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