De Tomaso Overview & History Timeline

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De Tomaso was an Italian company that dealt in manufacturing of cars. It was founded in year 1959 by Alejandro De Tomaso and it’s headquarters was based at Modena in Italy. Originally it manufactured numerous racing cars and prototypes but later it started developing luxury vehicles and sports cars.

Between the years 1976 and 1993, De Tomaso owned Italian company Maserati, and was in charge of producing some amazing automobiles like Chrysler TC, Karif, Kyalami and Biturbo. From 1973 to 1993, he also owned a motorcycle company Moto Guzzi.


De Tomaso was a private company related to automotive industry and it produced outstanding automobiles.

Vallelunga was launched in year 1963 and was its first production model. This sports car was named to honour a racing circuit. It had essential features like mid engine, 104 horsepower, 215 km/h of top speed and chassis of aluminium backbone. Although early five cars had aluminium structure but the later productions had bodywork of fibre-glass.


Mangusta was the first car to undergo production in significant numbers. It was introduced to consumer market in year 1966 and with this vehicle brand De Tomaso paved its way to American engines. In all the company produced a significant number of nearly four hundred vehicles before shutting down its production in year 1971. Its important features include iron-block engine of V8 4.7 litre and body of materials aluminium coupe and steel.

Pantera was launched in year 1971 and was a successor to Mangusta. Its essential features included wedge-shaped body and V8 engine. Under an agreement with another automobile company Ford, Panteras were sold in USA through dealers belonging to Ford. Nearly 6,128 vehicles were produced in its plant Modena between the years 1971 and 1973. At the end of year 1973, Ford pulled out of its deal with De Tomaso.

Between late 1970s and 1980s production of Pantera continued to decline steadily and was reduced to only one hundred cars per year. In year 1990, Pantera was relaunched with new features like redesigned suspension, smaller and new Ford engine, and redesigned chassis. Only thirty eight vehicles were sold before the company realised its failure and at last Pantera finally was phased out in year 1993.

Guara has been in market since year 1993 and is one of the recent productions of brand De Tomaso. Carlo Gaino, an Italian designed this car and it is available in versions like Barchetta and Coupe.

In year 2000, company planned two more cars but both had to be abandoned. Later a two seater convertible in Gandini style was developed from Geneva concept of 1996. This was in partnership with an American firm Qvale. This was the beginning of Bigua which was later renamed Mangusta. By this time relationship between the two partners had hit rock bottom and later productions was short-lived and ultimately dwindled.

In 2002 April, brand Tomaso went in to a partnership with UAZ, a Russian company for manufacturing off-road vehicles but it also failed.

Brand De Tomaso also produced some luxury coupes in small numbers in 1970s and 1980s like Deauville and Longchamp. Brand De Tomaso in June 2004, declared voluntary liquidation and after 2004, no cars were built for this brand.

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