Formula 1 Championship 2016 – The story so far

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The F1 Championship 2016 is over two-thirds of the way completed now with fifteen out of the twenty one scheduled races completed. Here’s a look at the season so far.

Perfect start for Mercedes

The season kicked off with a bang on the 20th of March in Melbourne with the Australian Grand Prix. The race saw Lewis Hamilton take pole position on the starting grid with Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg in second and the Ferrari duo of Vettel and Räikkönen in third and fourth. The finish line saw the Mercedes duo reverse order from their starting positions, with Rosberg taking the checkered flag followed by teammate Lewis Hamilton. The German Sebastian Vettel took third place on the podium at the end of the 57-lap race.

Drama at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Mercedes pairing enjoyed continued success at Bahrain, China and Russia with Rosberg taking first place in all three races and Hamilton joining him on the podium in Bahrain and Russia.

The Spanish Grand Prix saw plenty of drama when defending race champion Nico Rosberg and teammate Lewis Hamilton collided in the first lap taking each other out of the race – marking the first time since 2011 that team Mercedes had a double retirement from a race. The event was won by Max Verstappen of Red Bull, who broke three world records on his way.

Back to winning ways

Following the disaster of the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes stormed their way through the rest of the series, taking first place on the podium in all ten races since. Hamilton enjoyed continued success, taking first place finishes at  Monaco, Canada, Austria, Great Britain, Hungary and Germany while Rosberg took first place at the European, Belgian, Italian and most recently Singapore Grand Prix. The unstoppable duo have won all-but-one of this seasons F1 Championship events thus far.

Up next: the Malaysian Grand Prix

The Malaysian Grand Prix is the 16th race of the Championship and takes place on the Sepang International Racecourse in Kuala Lumpur on the 2nd October at 3.00pm local time. Unstoppable form makes Hamilton and Rosberg favourites for race winners, you can view William Hill’s full range of motor racing betting odds including Formula One at their website with odds of 5/4 and 11/8 respectively. Daniel Ricciardo – who is currently in third place, a total 94 points behind Rosberg in the Driver’s Championship – is the next favourite at odds of 9/1.


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Current standings

With only six races left in the season it’s almost impossible to see anyone catching either of the Mercedes drivers in either the Drivers or the Constructors Championships. Rosberg currently leads the pack on an impressive 273 points with 8 wins under his belt. Next is teammate Hamilton on 265 with 6 wins to his name. Daniel Ricciardo currently stands in third place and is the nearest competitor on 179 points.

The 2016 Formula 1 Championship has been dominated by the Mercedes team. They have taken first place on the podium in 14/15 races so far this season and with races in Malaysia, Japan, the U.S. Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi it looks like the season has already been won by Mercedes.


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