How Customize Your Motorcycle Helmet

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Individuality and expression are what riding a motorcycle is all about.  Whether you are just taking an afternoon cruise down the coast or you are speeding along feeling the breeze blow by you, whatever mood strikes you, you always know that the best way for you to express yourself is by getting out their on the open pavement.

You can take that individuality and express one big step further with a custom motorcycle helmet as you show people what is going on in your heart and your mind as you whiz by them at blazing speeds.

There are many different approaches you can take when choosing a custom motorcycle helmet. There are airbrushed motorcycle helmets, custom painted motorcycle helmets, and also simple details you can put on your helmet yourself.

What ever your inner calling is telling you to shout out to the world, you can say it loud and proud with a custom your best motorcycle helmet tailored specifically to your own personality.

Custom Helmet Painting

Airbrushing and painting are the 2 ways to custom paint your helment, it comes to getting the exact look you want for your helmet. Each of these have their pluses and minuses but either will surely get your point across.

  1. Motorcycle Helmets Custom Airbrushed

An airbrush paints your helmet by spraying air through a paint tube which then sprays the paint onto the surface which is to be decorated. This gives a smoother appearance to a motorcycle helmet because the paint applies smoothly and evenly .

Airbrush painting is usually quicker and it also finishes with a glossy appearance that make the helmet look like brand-new and straight out of a factory. Airbrushing is the technique most commonly used in factories but a talented airbrush artist can Completely personalize your helmet by  painting up the sides and the top of your helmet.

  1. Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets

Some custom motorcycle helmets are painted in the traditional way by using brushes and paint that is specifically made to stay on the helmet and be weatherproof. This does take a lot longer than airbrushing but you can get far more intricate with details, especially with line work and dot work.

Airbrushing covers more surface evenly but they are controlled by hand, which means it will take a talented artist to apply pressure in varying degrees To give you the ultimate in customization. This is why if you choose airbrushing for customizing your helmet It is critical that you have a really talented airbrush artist to do it or you will get uneven, disproportionate, and really bad results.

Why Get Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets?

When you first Start to look for  a custom motorcycle helmet, you need to first decide if you want a completely personalized helmet or a “generic” custom helmet.

You can customize a helmet by choosing from a variety of set patterns and having your name or names of your family members Included into the design. You can choose the colors, placement, and all else which will give you control of what you want the over all look and feel of the helmet to be.

If you want a fully and completely personalized helmet you have to either find an airbrush artist or find a service that can set you up with someone to work with you on the design.

If you have your own design ready and already drawn up or you just have an idea and wanted sketched out, there are custom motorcycle helmet professionals that will work with you and get you the exact design you want and have you riding in style.

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