Traders Insurance Premium

How to Reduce Your Traders Insurance Premium without Sacrificing Quality

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With the state of the current economy, we are all looking for ways to reduce the amount of overhead and bring our overall cost down. One of the most obvious points to start at is with our Traders Insurance, and this is true if you service vehicles or sell them.

Compare Motor Trade Insurance Quotes

Comparing motor trade insurance quotes is one of the easiest tasks to begin with and it is essential. This couldn’t be truer if you have been with the same provider for three or more years and have no been reviewing the cover and cost. If you use a service like, they have the ability to compare prices of all the leading insurers online or even over the phone. This simple action is not only going to save you some time but money as well.

As you know, inexpensive prices aren’t everything and that really cheap quote may fall very short in other areas. When you are comparing your quotes it is vital to understand exactly what you are comparing. If you are unsure of the quotes ask your insurance broker for advice to get it sorted out.

Traders Insurance Premium

Review Your Business Activities

* Vehicles – Look at the vehicles you are currently working on as this has a large impact on your premiums. If you do not work on high performance, imports, motorcycles, kit cars, or HGV vehicles, this can impact your overall cost greatly.

* Drivers – Are all the drivers essential to your daily use. This is true with your family members; would they be better suited to remain under their own private coverage? See if it is possible to restrict to named drivers only as this is typically a better option.

* Vehicle Sums Insured – Take the time to review the inner limits for your stock of vehicles and Road Risks Cover. Are these still adequate for your current needs?

* Public Liability and Employers Liability – Has your turnover or wage-roll recently changed? Make sure that all of your insurers are using the most up-to-date information.

Pay Your Policy Upfront

Many companies impose a surcharge of 10% or more while by your premium in monthly instalments. Before signing any paperwork look closely or simply ask what the true annual cost will be. Try to lower you overall cost by paying the full amount with a credit or debit card.

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