New Car Multifunctional Car Accessory Looks Extremely Promising

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A new car accessory is in on the way that looks very promising indeed. In most cases, a mobile phone cover serves no function other to look good and protect the phone. However, TelTabDesign makes it possible for any smartphone or tablet to be mounted in a car in just a second. It can transform a device into a carkit, navigation system, music player, or even a cinema, and provide users with the comfort of an all-in-one assistant inside their cars. This handy gadget is currently being funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The covers have a small magnet inside them that can hold the weight of a tablet, but won’t interfere the phone signal or damage the device in any way.


 The magnets are strategically placed to make it possible to use the device horizontally and vertically. This enables users to fully enjoy all the features that their device has to offer whilst it is mounted.  Just a simple spin will turn the device from a horizontal to a vertical position without disconnecting the phone or tablet.

 It looks as if the phone cover is set to become so much more than just a protective device; perhaps all cars will be equipped with these new, multifunctional covers in the future. Check it out for yourself at

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