Practical tips for when buying a used motorhome

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Valuable advice for when upgrading your vehicle is sometimes hard to come by, particularly if you are trading for a different model, size or purpose. Sydney RV Group appreciate that not everyone who chooses to buy a campervan or motorhome holds an expert level of knowledge on the capabilities of larger off-road vehicles, and as a specialist in tis field, it has pulled together some practical points for drivers to digest. With many years in the RV business and facilitators to millions of miles of road coverage, the advice belowcan be useful before you embark upon your next purchase.

To get a thorough understanding of what types of motorhomes or RVs are available, a potential buyer should conduct initial research about what vehicles on the market and how much they can cost. There are an abundance of sources to retrieve this information online, Sydney RV is one of many companies that can point you towards a fair cost guide to get you started.

Buying a used motorhome shouldn’t feel like a gamble – there are ways of finding out if the vehicle you want to own is road worthy and reliable for the types of journeys you and your travel companions will feel safe aboard. Remember to check for the following:

Body exterior quality

Mechanical quality

Interior quality

Body exterior:

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Make a check for dents, paint scrapes, chips and cracks on the front cap and windshield on the vehicle as a standard inspection. Also look out for loose trim and cracked and/or delaminated fiberglass. The paint job isn’t a true indicator of how roadworthy the vehicle is, so don’t fret too much over faded colouring on the main panels. Climb aboard the roof of the vehicle to check for damage that can lead to leeks or electrical faults.


The golden rule when buying any vehicle from a retailer is: The fewer miles, the better. This advice also rings true when purchasing a used motorhome. Another important factor to check before making your decision is how clean the engine is; oil should be clean and the engine should look in good condition. Your transmission fluid should be a pink colour pink and be free of any burning smells. Minimal tire wear is crucial, as is trusty brakes and lights. You may want to ask for a test drive to ensure the vehicle performs as well as it looks, whilst giving the transmission, brakes and suspension a run-out. If you’re buying from a retailer or vendor, ask questions about its performance as you go.


Problems with the interior of motorhomes or caravan are easier to spot and for many, deal-breakers on whether or not to invest. Remember, the living area is also the sleeping quarters and therefore comfort and cleanliness can not be compromised, especially for those long journeys. Inspect the condition of the upholstery, paneling, cabinets, drawers, bathroom, drapes to get a feel for how well the vehicle has been treated by previous owners.

As a final thought, don’t rush into any quick sale. To know for sure whether an RV vehicle is right for you, do your homework and be patient.

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