How to Choose the Rim for Your Car Wheels

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The rim is the most important part of a wheel as it helps to hold the tyre. Generally speaking, the wheel and the rim seem to be synonyms but there is however a small difference between the two. While the rim refers to the metallic periphery of the wheel, the entire structure combining of the rim and the tyre is collectively referred to as the wheel.

Criteria for choosing rims

Rims come in varied sizes and are also made from a number of different materials depending on the requirements of the vehicle concerned. Hence rims are chosen based on

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  • The material used: Rims are made from a number of different types of materials like:
  • A magnesium aluminium alloy which are best known for being lightweight with an exceptionally higher capacity for heat conduction thereby resulting in a superior wheel performance,
  • Magnesium which makes for rims which are highly resistant to corrosion but are also quite inflammable,
  • Aluminium which ensures that the rims made are lightweight and versatile in their function,
  • Chrome, recommended highly for use when driving occurs regularly through rain or snow due to its anti-corrosive natures and resistance to rust and
  • Teflon, a coating of which makes the rim even stronger thereby making it easy to drive thorough road conditions not conducive to driving.
  • The size of the rim: Rims come in all sizes depending on the road conditions on which the wheels are to be driven and the type of vehicle concerned. Hence rims sizes generally start from 17inch rims and go up to 28inch rims.
  • The cost: With so many different varieties of rims available in the markets today, it is very important to decide a budget for the same and proceed. This will prevent you from going overboard with your purchase.
  • The make of the vehicle: This is vitally important since the rim should be able to hold the full weight of the car and yet move

Because of their role in the movement of the car, it is vitally important for every person to do a little research before finalising on a purchase. This will help you to narrow down your search thereby making it seem less daunting.

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