Why You Should Invest in Lubricants For Your Mods

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Metalworking fluids are a necessity for any professional working with a range of metals. They are used to reduce the heat and friction between the power tool and the work piece and are extremely useful in general machining, heavy duty machining and ferrous grinding. One such product is the Sitala D201 metalworking fluids available from Houghton. These have numerous benefits for the user including:

Variety of applications

The Houghton Sitala D201 metalworking fluids are general purpose products suitable for all types of operations from light to medium duty. They have a variety of applications, and can be used on ferrous metals, cast iron, aluminium and steel. They produce best results in medium duty machining and during grinding of steels and aluminium alloys.

Quality lubrication

The Houghton Sitala D201 has a stable macroemulsion based on polar lubricity additives and high quality mineral oil. It is a classic boron amine with high lubricity and very good detergency. As a result of its wetting properties it provides clean working environment for the operator while its high lubricity makes it an excellent product for finishing aluminium parts. The quality lubrication provided by the Houghton Sitila D201 guarantees quality metal protection for the metal it is applied on.

Variety of water hardness

In addition to its general applicability on cast-iron, aluminium and steel the Houghton Sitala D201 also works over water with different levels of hardness. This makes it a preferred choice for many professionals as they can apply the metal working fluids in a range of situations and on a variety of projects.  If used for general machining the recommended use is 5-7%. For heavy duty machining 8-12% should be used. Ferrous grinding on the other hand, has 4-5% recommended use. In all these cases the metal working fluids grand metal protection both for the tools and the metal work pieces they are applied on.

Good EHS profile

The Houghton Sitala D201 metalworking fluids have a very good EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) profile. They are free from chlorine, hexahydrotriazine and secondary amines which contributes to a more environmental–friendly product and ensures that they are safe to use by the operator.  This is extremely important as exposure to metal working fluids with bad EHS profile can cause skin irritation, occupational asthma, breathing difficulties and bronchitis.

Excellent detergency

The excellent detergency of the Houghton Sitila D201 metalworking fluids results in cleaner parts, cleaner machine tools and cleaner working environment. This is extremely beneficial as it guarantees better results on the materials you are machining, with less need for cleaning. This also results in cleaner machine tools which is extremely beneficial in extending the service life of your tools and power tools. The overall cleaner working environment provided by the Houghton Sitila D201 metal working fluids ensures better conditions for the operator and significantly improves the health and safety of your employees.

Very stable emulsion

As the Houghton Sitala D201 has a very stable macroemulsion based on polar lubricity additives and high quality mineral oil, it has a long fluid life. As a result the product requires fewer additive treatments and ultimately leads to lower usage costs compared to other products on the market. As a result of its resilience the Sitila D201 is suitable for storage between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius, providing you with greater flexibility. The product’s long fluid life makes it a good long term investment for any business.

Good corrosion protection

Due to its chemical compound the Houghton Sitala D201 metal working fluids provide better corrosion protection. This results in fewer rejects and lower costs associated with maintenance. The good corrosion protection provided by the product combined with its stable emulsion make it a very good business investment that can provide additional protection to the metals that are treated with it.

Very low foaming

Designed for high pressures and high flow rates with both soft and hard water the Houghton Sitala D201 metalworking fluids have very low foaming. This ensure that the operator can work with precision at all times delivering quality results.

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Range of related products

Houghton also have a range of related products available. These include water soluble coolants, energy saving wash chemicals, low misting neat cutting oils, long life heat treatments fluids and non-VOC rust preventives. These helps you lower your costs and significantly improve your productivity.

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